PROGRESS promises to be a firm cornerstone

James P A A K W E S I  Davis, known professionally as P A A K W E S I, is an African singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. Known for his irresistible melodies,  introspective lyrics and his alluring, laconic vocal style. He first attained industry recognition in Africa in 2011, in an artist management capacity under the label, One Nation Entertainment. This was following awards for works he had overseen and produced for African Award winning Artiste, Efya. Paakwesi has since gained acclaim within local and international industry circles for blending a range of genres  including Afrobeats, poetry, hip hop, soul, and R&B into his own unique style of music called DeepTrap.

Unparalleled musical geniuses like Sam Cooke, Fela Kuti, Harry Belafonte,  Sade, and Tupac Shakur to name a few of his influences, significantly impacted his growth and direction as a musical artist. The natural-born lyricist has in the past decade been instrumental as a One Nation Entertainment executive and manager in the development of a stable of top quality young African artists.


In 2016, he let his music take the driver’s seat and set course for a new destination. This decision would affect many aspects of his life as he fully deployed his creative vision to advance his own talent, and fulfill his dreams. His planning has been strategic, based on data, tested for viability on stage, online and well rewarded. Paakwesi is driven by an incessant creative inquisition and hunger for something better for himself and the world.


Paakwesi’s influential work in the music and industry has directly generated almost a dozen awards and two dozen nominations for other international artists, primarily Efya. This includes honours from MTV Africa, Ghana Music Awards, Nigeria Music Awards, World Music Awards Etc. In April of 2019, Walshy Fire of Major Lazer released a remix of “Until The Dawn” by Efya, featuring Chritopher Martin and co-produced by Paakwesi for One Nation Entertainment.


Around the same time, Paakwesi released his first debut single as an independent artist entitled, “Been Good,” a hauntingly melancholic anthem foreshadowing the universal angst of a world stoically reminding itself that, ‘all is well’. It is the lead-in to his upcoming self produced, ten track indie EP entitled “PROGRESS,” recorded in Ghana the USA and Canada and scheduled for release in December of 2020.


As Paakwesi continues to make a path for his talent as a vanguard artiste of present times , “PROGRESS promises to be a firm cornerstone for nothing less than a stellar performing arts career.